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About us . . .
Who we are . . . What we've done . . . Where we started . . .
When we began . . . How we did it . . .

What we've done . . .

Starting work at the AAAA
ad agencies in L.A., creating
national ad campaigns
for retail clients.

We designed the first poster for the Consumer Electronics Show
(back then it was called the
Consumer Products Show).

We airbrushed aircraft,
restored antique photos,
and provided product and
aerial photography for
government and
private clients.

We have created banners,
coordinated community events, written press releases,
designed product packaging
and created websites from
concept through production.

When we began . . .

We began in 1979 as a
part-time business, creative for
the diving industry, carbide tools, and the banking industry.

In the first decade, we quickly expanded to a full time,
full service advertising agency,
for a growing client list,

In 1993 we opened
our second office in
Northern California and expanded services to serve national and international clients.

We moved to Nevada in 2000
and offered web design and
social media, and staff training.

For over 35 years, we have been
creating effective solutions for
marketing and ad campaigns.

Where we started . . .

We started on Riverside Drive
in Sherman Oaks, California
as a small graphic design firm
with a few clients in the financial, technology, machine tooling
and entertainment industries.

By the late 80's we expanded to
a full service advertising agency, expanding client services to
include media buying in multiple channels: print, outdoor,
radio, and television.

We serve regional, national
and international clients.

How we did it . . .

With each client, and every
project, we begin with the end
in mind. We start with the desired results, and create a strategic solution that works
for any promotion.

We've done it before,
we're doing it now,
and we'll do it again . . . for you.

Contact us for a successful
well-formed outcome to your
next project.

Who we are . . .

Theresa "Terri" Bower, director
at Bower & Associates.
She started as an illustrator, designer, media buyer and strategist. She is a published
writer for Yahoo! and
the Graphic Artist Guilds'
"Pricing & Ethical Guidelines."
Michael is the client accounts manager. He is an effective
analyst, account executive and manages logistics
and operations.

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