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Creating a Web Site
Starting with the results . . . we begin with the concept . . . create the structure . . . test and implement . . .

Building on a solid concept . . .

Starting with a workable design,
we use any and all of our on-site
resources (photography,
illustration, animation, etc.)
so your site utilizes optimal
assets custom made for you.

Creative Strategies are
established and consistently
implemented throughout
the site and established
in multiple channels such as
social media, print ads, etc.

Test and Implement. . .

Using a dev server or going live,
your website will get the attention
and support for any modifications.

Change graphics, add animation, test hyperlinks and integrate email.

Include PayPal buttons,
YouTube video, or
add links to downloadable documents such as PDFs
(that can be customized
forms for your customers
to print out and sign).

Integrate social media
promotions to drive your
brand building strategies to
convert clicks to customers.

See the results . . .

Since each web site is custom made for each clients' target market,
every site will serve a
unique purpose.

With a new web site, and
social media support
(Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)
you'll see more traffic with
increased opt-in, online orders,
and telephone calls that convert
to sales.

Creating the structure . . .

Whether it is a custom site
built to order, or branded custom graphics for a "user-built"
template based free site
(such as WIX), we can build a
strong web presence for you.

We combine creative design
and conceptual elements
that will build your brand,
target your customers
and drive sales to meet and
exceed their targets.

Begin with a sketch . . .

Building a website
begins with a concept . . .
starting with the results and
creating a "wire frame"
and building a
useable interface.

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